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Community Service

“Everyone can be great, because everyone can serve.”

- Martin Luther King, Jr.

Compassion is one of the five core values of the Boys’ Latin community and service to that community is an integral component of compassion. At Boys' Latin we recognize that leadership and service are intertwined. For students to emerge as leaders in their community, they must understand how to serve their community. Therefore, all Boys' Latin students are required to complete community service hours during their time at Boys' Latin. 

The purpose of the Community Service program at Boys’ Latin mirrors the mission of the school itself; that is to prepare you to become a responsible, active citizen. To that end, the program strives to instill in you an awareness of the multiple needs of the community, a sense of moral obligation to help those less fortunate, and the desire to make your community a better place in which to live.

Community Service refers to service that a person performs for the benefit of his or her local community. Step outside of your familiar environments and expand your horizons. Strengthen your senses of civic engagement and nationalism. Broaden your educational, developmental and social goals. As a Boys’ Latin student, you should deliberate, plan, implement and reflect on your community service in order to sustain the highest quality of service learning.

Community service hours are required for students interested joining our National Honors Society. Community service is also a major point of consideration for college admissions offices as they consider the types of students they admit to their schools. Freshmen, Sophomores and Juniors must complete a total of 20 hours per school year. Seniors must complete 40 hours total (inclusive of their Senior Project Internship hours).

Opportunities to serve in various ways, both in and out of school, will be available to all students and advertised on the second floor bulletin board across from Room 204, Mrs. Bilbee’s (Community Service Chair) classroom. If you are aware of a volunteer activity beyond those advertised, please see Mrs. Bilbee in order to ensure that the opportunity will be acceptable.

Please use the attached Community Service Hours Log to chronicle community service hours performed and submit this form to Mrs. Bilbee in Room 204. Extra copies of the form will be available in Room 204 as well. If you have a particular passion for service, please consider joining the Community Service Corps as your Leadership Academy.

Thank you in advance for all of your hard work and effort. You will be doing the school, the local community and the world a better place due to your dedication to serve.