Boys' Latin Teaching Fellowship

A program created to attract and prepare teaching candidates who will address the sharp racial, socioeconomic, and gender disparities in public education in Philadelphia. 

Program Announcement: September 17, 2020

Program Overview

Teacher quality impacts a child’s education more than any other factor. As a school that serves a 100% male and 99% African American student population, it is imperative that students have access to high quality teachers who look like them and share their lived experiences. In Philadelphia, only four percent of educators are Black men. Boys’ Latin seeks to change this reality.
The Fellowship, created in partnership with Drexel University and The Center for Black Educator Development, consists of two programs. The Teaching Apprenticeship seeks qualified candidates to consider a career in teaching by participating in a program that exposes them to the instructional and student engagement duties of a teacher. The Teaching Residency begins the formal education and practice that will result in teacher certification. With these programs, Boys’ Latin seeks to create a pipeline of male teachers of color.